The immigration process can be full of turns and twists and at Shirin Rustomji, P.A. we can help you navigate your process. We focus on helping people come to the United States, to reunite with their families, to work here and to naturalize in order to become a United States Citizen. Having been through the process herself, Shirin brings a unique understanding to this area of practice. Shirin was born and raised in Canada and came to the United States over ten years ago and has practiced in this area since her arrival. Shirin has helped many Canadians and foreign nationals navigate the complicated immigration system with fruitful results.

Permanent Residency
Obtaining permanent residency can be highly complicated. It is important when embarking through the immigration process; you have a knowledgeable attorney helping you. Not many paths lead to permanent residency in the United States. Whether you are uniting with your family, starting a business or investing in your future, Shirin can help navigate you through the process.

There are a number of visas one can obtain to come to the United States or to temporarily work in the United States. Shirin can help you understand what category you fit into and how to prepare your application for success.

Becoming a United States Citizen is often the end goal for many of the foreign nationals who come to the United States. Immigrating to this country and becoming a United States citizen is not an easy process and can take many years to accomplish. It is important to map out a plan to achieve this goal.

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