Family Law

The reorganization of a family can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life.   When dealing with a family law case, we understand that each case has its unique story and requires a tailored approach.  There are not many areas of the law that when triggered effect almost every aspect of your life, from your children, your home, your financial security and your future well-being.   It is important to choose an attorney and a firm that understands and respects that your family comes with its own characteristics and traits.

Providing you Options
At Shirin Rustomji, P.A. we help to design and carry out the best conflict resolution method that will work for your family, from pre-suit negotiations, mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation.

Collaborative Law
Shirin is a collaboratively trained attorney and has the knowledge and the skills to resolve your case without the necessity of litigation. Collaborative law is a choice to proceed out of the courtroom. Divorce is never easy, but one can move through it without destruction, if they so choose. The collaborative law process allows you an opportunity to dignify your divorce process and give it the respect it deserves.

As a supreme court certified family law mediator, Shirin understands the benefits of resolving your differences and making your own decisions. Along with being a mediator, she helps her client’s through the mediation process and often leads them to resolution.

While we work very hard to assist in resolution of your case prior to trial, some issues require the assistance of the court. Shirin has litigated many cases and understands the court system. It is important when embarking upon litigation, that you have an attorney who understands the rules of courtroom and can provide you with the most efficient and effective representation. Shirin will advocate for you at trial.

Guardian Ad Litem
Shirin has dedicated a portion of her practice to serving as a Guardian Ad Litem in various cases where children are involved. She has served as a private Guardian Ad Litem in both family law cases and domestic violence cases to investigate and provide direction for the Court.

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